Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reading a Book Technically

Reading a Book Technically 

Reading a book technically requires some specific techniques and skills which will speed up & boost reading as well as will save time & energy.

Technical reading method is an attempt to increase rates of reading and grasp comprehension about the book within the short period of time. Reading Book Technically Program includes different techniques which will have to use/read for technical reading of books, such as:

1) Jacket of the book
2) Title of the book
3) Qualities of writer/author
4) Preface of the book
5) Table of Content (TOC) of the book
6) Index of the book
7) Text of the book
8) Bibliographical Information of the book and
9) Specialist’s Advice plus comment

These are the basic/fundamental elements for reading a book technically. Videos, software, seminars will also help to read books faster to save reader’s time and energy.

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