Friday, September 14, 2012

Travelling & Broad Outlook

Travelling & Broad Outlook

Travelling means that one goes from one place to another place or from one country to another country. There is wise saying that home keeping youths have ever homely wits. It means that a man who passes his life in one place and never leaves his place to visit other places or countries, has a narrow outlook. Man wants to go outsides and view famous cities, lakes, mountains, seas, rivers etc as well as he wants to know different nations, manner, custom, and religion. He also travels to get relief from dullness of life. So people travel for pleasure and education & knowledge.

Travelling is an essential part of education. It increases our knowledge, gives practical sense of places, people, things as well as broadens our mind and outlook.  Travelling helps us to understand Creator’s creations. World is full of many wonderful things and creatures. Travelling/visiting of them (minimum some) will give us an idea of Creator’s creations. It will impress us with the grandeur, vastness, majesty and wonder of Creator’s creations.

Travelling fosters understanding and enhances relations between Nations. Thus travelling is a great factor in the establishment of world peace which is very imperative and essential in the present world. 

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