Friday, September 14, 2012

Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

 All of us are fond of sports (more or less).Sports are considered as exercises and keep us physically fit. There are various types of exercise. Walking, swimming, racing, riding, rowing, wrestling , gymnastics etc. are good forms of exercise. Modern games, such as football, cricket, tennis, hockey etc. are types of healthy exercises/sports.

Sound mind is possible only in sound body. Value of sports is that they are an excellent media of recreations. Our daily routine works put a great strain on our energies. Sports give us fresh vigor and energy as well as make us forget of our anxieties and tensions.

Sports teach us coolness, courage and self control. Sports cultivate team sprit as a sense of comradeship/colleague/team work. Thus sports/exercises play an important role in giving us guidance and education. We should form a habit of partaking some kind of exercise on regularly. To live a happy life, we must build both our body and mind together through taking some exercises or sports.

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