Sunday, September 23, 2012

Library and Computer Application

Library and Computer Application

Computer is one of the most powerful tools to solve problems that involve in computation and data processing. Mechanization of library house-keeping (house-keeping means activities related to acquisition of library resources, classification, cataloging, resources circulation/issue & return, serial control, stock verification, resources maintenance etc.) operations and other activities predominantly done by computer is known as library automation. Library automation is also known as Library Management Software. Software may be package software or customizable software.

Library automation is used to refer to the use of computer to render of the routine/traditional works as well as some new technology oriented features of the modern library, such as:

1) Acquisition
2) Cataloging
3) Serial control
4) Circulation (borrowing & return)
5) Information retrieval
6) Automatic indexing
7) Resource sharing (through networks)
8) Online interactive system
9) Online catalog search for library holdings
10) Online reading of library resources/holdings

Again application of computer in library can be categorized to the following:

1) Supporting clerical functions which are related to technical and circulation work
2) Information storage, retrieval and dissemination
3) Supporting Management Information System (MIS) for library professionals, particularly in analyzing library statistics, preparing reports etc.

Computer application in library services makes the library more end-users friendly. It helps to provide services quickly to the users as well as saves times for both, users/information seekers and services providers.

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