Friday, August 24, 2012

Mobile/Cellular Phone and Its Applications

Mobile/Cellular Phone and Its Applications

Mobile Phone/Cellular Phone

Mobile phone or Cellular Phone (also known as cell phone) is rapidly becoming the superb device which can make telephone calls and receive telephone calls over the radio/wireless link through a cellular network.
Innovation and growth on the mobile phone are rapid. Now mobile’s processing power and storage are available in computers. Mobile phone has started functioning more than just a communication device. Mobile serves as alarm clock and calculator.

Applications/Usage of Mobile Phone

Mobile phone or Cellular Phone has multifaceted applications/functions/advantages which are given below.
1)    Making and receiving telephone calls ( for business, family and friends)
2)    Sending SMS text message & MMS
3)    Digital Camera (Capturing pictures)
4)    Audio Recorder (Can be used for recording conversations)
5)    Video Recorder (Can be used as video camera)
6)    Email Client Service ( Can be used to connect to any POP/IMAP Server for Email Service-receiving & sending Email)
7)    Web Client Service ( Can be used to browse websites via WAP/HTML)
8)    Gaming Platform ( Can be used as game playing device)
9)    Music Player (Can be used as music player like MP3)
10)    TV (Can be used as Television/TV over the network like EDGE)
11)    Wallet (Can be used wallet to pay for purchase bill like credit/debit card)
12)    Mobile Banking (Can be used for providing mobile banking service for cash depositing and withdrawing through text message/SMS)
13)    Tracking Geographical Location (Can be used to determine geographical location) etc.

All types of mobile /cell phones are not equipped with above mentioned applications/functions/advantages. There is also a possibility of risk on human central nervous system through producing radiation. The risk of such is applicable for both men and women.

Mobile phone or cell phone is being used for a variety of purposes including keeping in touch with family members and friends, conducting business, and having access to a telephone in the event of an emergency. Cell phone has made ease of our everyday life.

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