Friday, August 24, 2012

Computer and Its Usage

Computer and Its Usage


Computer is the new miracle of modern science. It is an instrument or a tool for executing mathematical operations by mechanical/ electrical means or combination of both. Computer also means the person one who computes. Computer has added new value and dimension in the development and for human society. It has several functions and it is able to perform mathematical functions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison and so on. A computer executes three (3) functions, namely,

1) Input (Receiving data)
2) Process data (Processing data by computations) and
3) Output (Emitting data)

Computer can make thousands of calculations in a moment. It can store millions of data, facts and figures in its memory as well as can recall these in demand. 

Usage of Computer

Computer is a very useful apparatus. It is being used in both Government Offices, Departments and in Private Organizations & Firms. Computers are used in libraries, banks, offices, airlines, shops, medical, hospitals, research everywhere.

Computer is now being used in Printing Industry extensively. Any kind of printing (books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, monographs, booklets, brochures, newsletters etc) can be published within a short time with help of computers. In this way, computers help us to spread knowledge widely. Computer has also the negative sides/ destructive sides which depend on the users of computers. Negative application of computers needs to be given up for sake of human welfare.

Computer is very essential component of our everyday business/commerce work. In every step of commerce/business, we need assistance of the computers.

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