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Library and Its Usage

Library and Its Usage


Library is a collection of books and other reading resources (e.g. journal, film in cd/dvd format, periodical, magazine, monograph etc) on various subjects. Library means a house or buildings or some floors of a building where books and other reading resources are kept systematically and orderly on the shelf for using/reading by users or readers. Libraries are of 2 (two) kinds, namely 1) Private or Personal Library and 2) Public Library in sense of funding and maintenance. A Personal Library is an individual affair and is maintained by a person’s own fund/money for his/her own use. The collection of such Library is built according to his/her interest, taste and requirement. On the contrary, Public Library is funded and maintained by Government/Government body/Authorities and collection of this type Library is made according to their various requirements. Public Libraries are attached to educational institutions like School, College and University and these Libraries are financed & maintained by the Authority or donation and subscription.

There is also National Library such as Public Library in each country. Rare books are found in National Library. National Library has great value for researchers and it is managed and financed by Government.

Usage of Library

Library is essential for people who boast of culture. Great minds speak to us through books. A Library is capable to make us familiar with culture of all ages. It gives us easy and open entry to wisdom and knowledge of ages. Library is the “Life Center” of a nation. People come to Library for learning as well as mind’s relaxation.

Library helps to spread and foster of knowledge and culture in the society. Library is an indispensable part of human civilization. Progress and prosperity of a country can be judged by number of Libraries that the country owns and maintains. Library leads to intellectual progress of a Nation. 

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