Monday, August 27, 2012

Digital Library

Digital Library

A Digital Library is a Library in which collection is stored and managed in digital format. Digital Library is contrary to Traditional Library (as opposed to keeping print books, journals, periodicals, company reports, magazines, monograph, maps, atlas etc in physically on shelf) and can be accessed by computers.

Digital Library contents can be stored locally and can be accessed remotely from anywhere of the world via computer network with internet. A Digital Library is one kind of information retrieval system and technique. Term Digital Library can be applied for a wide range of collections and organizations and that needs to be considered a Digital Library and its Online Collections will be accessible to community of user.

Academic Library and other type of Library are building Institutional Repository of the institution's print books, journals, maps, papers, theses, monographs, and other intellectual works which can be digitized and make accessible to the general public with rules, regulations and some restrictions. Accessing and using of a Digital Library and its online content are dependent on the steady and strong Information Technology Infrastructure, such as computer, communication links, power, etc.

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