Friday, November 23, 2012

Fuji FinePix S3300 ~ 14 Megapixel Digital Camera with Wide Angle 26X Optical Zoom

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  1. Fujinon 26x Optical Zoom & Wide 24mm Zoom Lens - Highly Regarded by Professionals World-wide The widely renown Fujinon Lenses are used popularly in numerous situations including satellites in outer space, TV/film, surveillance, and compact cameras. With the highly adept manufacture of Fujifilm, high precision optic and technology are provided for the best 24mm wide angle and 26x optical zoom. 43 Step Adjustment Zooming 43-step zoom control enables you to take photos as you like smoothly. 24mm Wide Angle 24mm optical zoom lens allows you to capture the real scale, depth, dynamism of the scene at a wide angle. Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) With the EVF/LCD button, the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and the LCD can be switched. When looking into the EVF, you can shoot photos with your arms positioned steadily, reducing blurring of images. High Sensitivity + CCD Shift Image Stabilization Dual Image Stabilization is the combination of high sensitivity and CCD shift image stabilization that works to eliminate blurred photos by freezing action and minimizing blurs at maximum zoom range. High Sensitivity (max. ISO6400) Maximum sensitivity of ISO6400* lets you take natural, lifelike photos, even with limited available light. And high sensitivity also lets you stop the action, even when the subject is moving at high speeds. * * At ISO3200 and 6400, number of recorded pixels is limited to a maximum 3 megapixels. At full resolution (14 megapixels), sensitivity is limited to a maximum ISO1600. Photo Shooting Capture high resolution images in 16:9 format (4,288 x 2,416 pixels, 3,072 x 1,728 pixels, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels). Movie Shooting Capture high resolution images in 16:9 format (1,280 x 720 pixels). HD Image Viewing Simply connect any HDMI cable available in the market to the HDTV and enjoy the full impact of high resolution images and movies. * * Direct connection from the HDMI Miniport (camera).