Friday, November 23, 2012

Beyond Blurred Genres: Literature, Anthropology, and Ethnography

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  1. In recent decades, in Europe and the United States and elsewhere, the status and purpose of theory and their applications both in humanities and social sciences have observed cataclysmic changes and shaken the foundations of the disciplines thus giving rise to sheer debates and disputes in academia. These debates have pervaded and impacted on the disciplines of humanities and social sciences drawing attention to shifting positions of representation. Thus, in the sequel of this debate, the purpose of the current study is to explore the contesting relationships between literature and anthropology?specifically and narrowly, between fiction and ethnography. To this end, the book seeks to show that disciplinary precincts are not only blurring but also crumbling down traversing one another. In doing so, the book has largely drawn on theorists and anthropologists like Victor Turner, Clifford Geertz, James Clifford, George E. Marcus, Mary Louise Pratt, to mention just a few, and put their approaches into operation to analyze some texts from various cultures. The book will appeal to readers interested in issues of interdisciplinarity?especially, between literature and anthropology.

    Zakir H. Majumder, MA (double): Studied English literature and American Studies at Dhaka University and the University of Amsterdam respectively. Currently, he is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). His fields of interest include modern American literatures, postcolonialism, and interdisciplinary studies.